6 Reasons for Stock Content for Sports


6 Reasons for Stock Content for Sports

Sporting Events are unique opportunities for fans, players, coaches, venue staff, and marketers to engage in a one-of-a-kind environment. You need to provide engaging moments for all of these entities in order to create a win-win event. (Of course the team winning helps!)

Here are 6 Reasons for Stock Content for Sports.


Pixels are pixels. Whether you spend hundred dollars or thousand dollars pixels are pixels. What I want to get across here is that you can get professional quality graphics in a stock format at a fraction of the cost of custom. Professional graphics means graphics that are suited to your specific needs. They are polished; they are clean; simply put, they work. Stock content is more about the quality of the content and variety rather than making sure your logo is in the right spot. We know you need some custom pieces, but Crowd Visuals stock content will bring a professional level to your boards on a consistent basis for a fraction of the cost of custom.


When start talking about content, we have literally worked on thousands of events; sporting events, conferences, trade shows, etc. Stock content allows you to create great environments for players and fans alike. We are all about experiences here at Crowd Visuals. We want everyone that comes into your venue to have an amazing time, whether that’s the 75-year-old season ticket holder that has spent every game over the past 30 years in the same seat of the first time fan. You understand the daily grind of making every game unique, of making each patron’s experience unique, of making every person that stepped into your venue have an amazing time. Stock content takes away the guess work of crafting custom media and provides exactly what you need for each moment.


Stock content allows you to engage your fans like never before. From crowd interaction graphics to concessions graphics, or exciting plays, stock sports content allows you to celebrate the big moments and guide your audience through the experience you have created for them. Engaging fans allows you to sell more tickets; more tickets equals more sponsors, and all that adds up to more revenue.


I get it, money is basically the route of where everything starts. Whether you have a $10,000 budget budget or $10 million budget, a budget is a budget and you’ve got to stick with that. Stock media is priced about a 10th  of the cost of custom. You get the same quality, you get better variety, and you have the ability to engage her fans like never before with stock content.


You might be wondering, “how can I use stock content as a marketing tool?” That’s a great question. It is one that we get all the time. In order to sell ads to your marketing and advertising entities, you need to get eyes to your boards; eyes to your ribbon boards; eyes on your game tables. The only way to get those eyes moving from the court to the video screens is through engaging media. Having incredible stock graphics that engages fans and moves eyes your screens allows you to seamlessly add marketing elements and advertisements and venue specific information to your boards that don’t always get noticed.


I think the biggest thing that stock content offers over custom its sheer variety. Regardless of sport, regardless of venue size, regardless of videos board size, we have the stock content that you need for any application from concessions and crowd interaction to sports specific graphics. Stock content enables you to get all the media you need without being limited to a specific producer, style, or that dreaded B-WORD… budget.

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