How to Engage the Fair Weather Fan


How to Engage the Fair Weather fan?

I would argue that there are three main types of fans that will come to your sporting event.

The first is the fanatic. They are season ticket holders who are absolutely sold out to the team. They haven’t missed a game in years; they have very particular mannerisms at the game and they know everything about the team, the stadium, etc. They are locked in.

The second type of fan is the super casual fan. They got free tickets; they are on a group trip; or maybe they just needed something to do with the family on Friday night. This is definitely a big group to be able to create great experiences for but I don’t think they’re your target market.


The third and final group is who I would identify as your target market: the fair weather fan. The fair weather fan is the person who loves the team when they’re doing well. They love the environment of a home team that’s winning, the team that’s headed towards championships, the team that gets them excited. This is a fan who has the potential to become that diehard fanatic; the one that always going to be in your venue; the one that’s always going to follow the team. It’s up to you to help bridge that gap from being a fair weather fan to being engaged, win or lose.

From Fair Weather to Fanatic

So how do you move them from fair weather fan to fanatic? It’s definitely not an easy task, but a challenge that’s worth the undertaking. This is where creating great environments comes to play. This is where you have the opportunity to make the event an experience that’s amazing regardless of the outcome of the game. Some of the best games that I’ve ever been to have truly done this, whether the team has won or lost its how the entire environment spoke to me.


Keep the Action Moving – some sports have more lulls in the action than others. Some sports seem to be non-stop. Regardless, there could be moments in any sport where the crowd gets tired and even a bit bored. It’s up to us as event professionals to pick up the slack and engage the crowd. Using great visuals, crowd engagement clips, and games enables you to keep an exciting environment throughout the entire event.


Embrace The Team – this is why Color is Key! Beyond just uniforms and logos, you can truly create an environment that gets fans fired up for the home team. That’s why we feature color as the main feature on Crowd Visuals. From having almost every motion in your team’s color to being able to set your account to show your team colors, we have you covered when it comes to embracing your team!


Have Fun – probably the most important of the three steps is to have fun. Your fans are looking to have fun, enjoy a great game, and build new memories. Not everything has to be serious, cutting edge, or perfect. Have fun with your fans; give them opportunities to interact with your screens and media. A second on the jumbotron is a memory that lasts a lifetime.


Engaging your fans goes way beyond your scoreboards, video boards, and ribbon boards. From your parking attendees, to your ushers, ticket takers, concession stand vendors, venue staff, etc. Everyone has a part of creating an engaging environment for all fans!




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