Introducing Crowd Visuals


Introducing Crowd Visuals

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and Girls…Welcome to Crowd Visuals!

Who we are?

First and foremost we are about relationships here at Crowd Visuals. We want to get to know you, what you need, and what is important to you. Reach out and let us know any questions you’ve got, any issues you’re dealing with, or advice we can give you. We love talking sports, tech specs, and troubleshooting gear!

So, who are we?

We are a group of avid sports fans, content producers, and tech geeks with a passion for using visuals to transform environments and enhance experiences. Our roots run deep in the professional and collegiate sporting environments. With years of experience with in-game productions, conference championships, televised games and more, we know sports. We understand what it takes to make a sporting event happen. We get the long hours, the thankless nights, and the pressure to perform.

We want to be your support system. From graphics and media questions, to technical assistance, and event support, we want to be part of your team.

We are your biggest fans because we know what being behind the scenes truly means.

What we do?

We are networkers, nerds, sports fanatics, and creatives who have brought together some of the biggest names in graphic design, 3D animation, and motion graphics with a major love of all things sports. Our goal is to provide the highest quality stock sports content to heighten your in-game experience for all involved. 

With Crowd Visuals, you get a team of creative professionals to help you craft high energy, engaging, in-game fan experiences that will leave your attendees wanting to come back time after time for more. In order to make this happen, we’ve spent the time harnessing relationships with awesome artists to create high quality stock sports content.

From baseball to hockey, football to auto sports and everything in between, our library contains great media for those big game moments. Additionally, point your attendees towards your concession stands, get them on their feet, and thank them for coming with high quality LED board graphics.


Sports aren’t boring. Neither should the in-game experience be for your fans.

Now, with Crowd Visuals, you have access to high quality, fan engaging, in-game stock content without blowing your budget for custom media. You’ll be able to engage your attendees and push eyes towards your videos boards, ribbon boards, and LED game tables like never before.We believe in providing media that engages fans and creates a better experience at each live sporting event. From crowd interaction and concessions media, to all major college and professional sports, we have the content that will turn your next game into an unforgettable experience.

  • Crowd Visuals content is compatible with all major software platforms in use across collegiate and professional athletics.
  • At 1/10th the price of custom content, you can have a full array of options available for all your sporting event needs.
  • We know how important colors are to your teams. That’s why all of our media comes in a variety of colors so you get just what you want.

The content available from Crowd Visuals is the best stock sporting event media available. Designed specifically for scoreboards, LED walls, ribbon boards, and LED game tables, the content will draw fans in and push eyes towards your digital media platforms.

Enhance Your Fan Experience

Crowd Visuals is committed to excellence, creativity, simplicity, and teamwork. We know how exciting sporting events can be. We also understand how difficult it can be to engage your fan base, reach a new audience, and craft a memorable environment outside the game itself.

That’s where we come in. We’d love to consult with you on in-game promotions, lighting and video elements, and help you hash through ideas to make your sporting events better.

Looking for something specific? Fill out our Survey to help us get you just what you need!

E-Mail us at or fill out the Contact Form and we will give you a call shortly to discuss your venue and needs.Any questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers to most anything we thought you might ask!

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