Pro Tip #1: Color is Key


Pro Tip #1: Color is Key

Why is color so important to Sports? What is it about a particular shade of orange that can make one fan jump up and cheer and the other to look on it with dismay?

We firmly believe that color emits strong emotions.  That’s the reason that a particular shade of orange will either make you cringe or cheer. So, that’s why we put such a major importance on color options here at Crowd Visuals. We want you to be able to grab any graphic and match it to your particular color need. Looking for orange, green, or purple, simply select those colors as part of your profile options or in the filter bar you can choose those options as well.

This will allow you to curate a ”custom look for all of your graphics”  at a fraction of the cost.


You might be asking the question, can’t I change the colors myself? You could, but when you try to change the color of entire graphic you’re changing every color and not just the particular one that you want. For example if your spinning basketball graphic with a three point text logo spending over it is blue but you wanted orange, when you try to change your color from blue to orange you’re going to change the entire graphic, not just the logo. The colors become washed out, faded, or pixelated and what started out as a killer graphic is kind of a mess.

So let’s take some time today and look through the content that you need and want. If you haven’t found the graphic that is that particular color that you want i.e. orange blue or red simply contact us and we will reach out to that producer to get that color exported just for you.

Color is incredibly important. That’s why you have a particular team’s jersey colors, your building is painted in a certain color scheme, and you offer souvenir cups in a particular variety of colors and logos. It all matches the look and feel of your brand. Crowd visuals is here to help you further that match of your brand to your video boards LED game tables and ribbon boards.

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